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The Dimenze family house is the result of the cooperation between RD Rýmařov and Velux. It is a modern family house project with a variable interior, unusually spacious hall on the ground floor and impressive arcade on the upper floor which is lit by skylights. These emphasise the new dimension of space by adding light which becomes almost like another companion in your home.

Scope of delivery: ECONOMY

Ground floor - floor area 69,53  m2
Attic - floor area 63,69  m2
Built up area 83,85  m2
House dimensions 11,64 x 7,71  m
Roof slope 45  °

Look at the floor plans DIMENZE 90

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor 
Vestibule5,08 m2
Bathroom, toilet4,30 m2
Kitchen11,53 m2
Living room28,06 m2
Cloakroom2,75 m2
Hall, dining room17,6 m2
Upper floor 
Gallery, staircase11,55 m2
Bathroom, toilet9,71 m2
Bedroom 13,81 m2
Bedroom28,06 m2

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