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This version of the Kubis Line links functionality as a basic element with a modern layout, comfortable rooms and a timeless external appearance. The house has two aisle roofs opposing each other. The whole front side of the house draws energy and light from the sun which reaches all residents of the house.  All of this manages to preserve a sense of elegance which clearly differentiates the house from the uniformity of commonplace solutions and clichés.

Scope of delivery: ECONOMY

Ground floor - floor area 103,18  m2
Attic - floor area 86,91  m2
Built up area 122,08  m2
House dimensions 13,44 x 10,40  m
Roof slope 14/9  °

Look at the floor plans KUBIS Vario

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor 
Vestibule7,37 m2
Toilet4,51 m2
Kitchen18,63 m2
Living room34,83 m2
Corridor16,53 m2
Dining room16,63 m2
Cloak room4,80 m2
Utility room4,78 m2
Upper floor 
Corridor25,44 m2
Bathroom7,86 m2
Bedroom115,39 m2
Bedroom215,15 m2
Bedroom319,50 m2
Office8,23 m2