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LARGO 121 is a family detached single-storey house which is inspired by bungalows with simple hip roof construction. When compared with the basic model LARGO 92, this house offers a significantly larger living area.

Ground floor - floor area 105,12  m2
House dimensions 12,24 x 10,11  m
Roof slope 25  °
Built up area 123,84  m2
Living area 63,78  m2

Look at the floor plans LARGO 121


Ground floor 
Bedroom12,51 m2
Corridor 14,33 m2
Toilet2,23 m2
Utility room6,38 m2
Bathroom6,70 m2
Living room28,62 m2
Kitchen12,26 m2
Bedroom12,69 m2
Bedroom11,50 m2