Upravit stránku

You get the price of the house

Base plate

You will get it included with most of our houses! You save, and you don't have to worry a lot

Photovoltaic system

ON GRID system with storage in the DHW tank: uses solar energy to heat domestic water in a 250 liter tank.

Heat pump

Air-to-air pump warms the house in winter and cools it again in summer.

Fixed guaranteed price

We guarantee the price of the house from the signing of the contract until the date of its completion. Such security is priceless today.

Look at the floor plans NOVA 101

ground floor
ground floor


Ground floor 
Hall6,72 m2
Bathroom12,06 m2
Bathroom10,16 m2
Kitchen9,33 m2
Living room25,37 m2
Garage19,35 m2
Utility rooms3,30 m2
Office8,07 m2
Vestibule2,68 m2
Corridor7,01 m2
Toilet2,48 m2
Built - up floor space92 m2
Ground floor space80,01 m2
Roof pitch25°

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