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The smallest family detached house from our range. Its modest dimensions do not in any way hinder the comfort of living. Its advantage is the barrier-free interior solution.

Ground floor - floor area 69,69  m2
House dimensions 7,14 × 11,91  m
Roof slope 38  °
Built up area 105,70  m2
Attic - floor area 57,28  m2
Living area 81,63  m2
Accessories 41,48  m2
Dimensions of the garage 3,41 x 6,04  m
Built-up area, including a garage 105,70  m2

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ground floor
ground floor


Ground floor 
Hall6,72 m2
Bathroom12,06 m2
Bathroom10,16 m2
Kitchen9,33 m2
Living room25,37 m2
Garage19,35 m2
Utility rooms3,30 m2
Office8,07 m2
Vestibule2,68 m2
Corridor7,01 m2
Toilet2,48 m2
Built - up floor space92 m2
Ground floor space80,01 m2
Roof pitch25°