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The flagship of the NOVA Line is this luxury house which combines modern construction and disposition elements. The modern aspect of this range is accentuated by the fact that every room has its own individual style in a seemingly simple ground plan.

Ground floor - floor area 72,79  m2
Attic - floor area 65,57  m2
Built up area 87,95  m2
House dimensions 9,24 x 9,51  m
Roof slope 38  °

Look at the floor plans NOVA 86

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor 
Chodba-schodiště8,65 m2
Toilet4,68 m2
Kitchen10,25 m2
Living room38,93 m2
Utility room9,93 m2
Vestibule4,74 m2
Upper floor 
Corridor - staircase9,51 m2
Bathroom8,57 m2
Bedroom 1 14,63 m2
Bedroom 2 15,83 m2
Main bedroom20,70 m2