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This interestingly laid out family house offers a high standard of living. The square ground plan gives the house flexibility with respect to its geographical orientation. Its comfort is enhanced by the porch, which is a standard feature of this type.

Ground floor - floor area 97,44  m2
Attic - floor area 67,74  m2
Built up area 118,68  m2
House dimensions 10,54 x 10,81  m
Roof slope 38  °

Look at the floor plans SOLO 105

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor  Upper flor 
Zádveří3,24 m2Corridor9,46 m2
Hall5,28 m2Bathroom12,32 m2
W2,91 m2Bedroom13,09 m2
Kitchen12,77 m2Bedroom12,18 m2
Living room25,65 m2Bedroom21,94 m2
Bedroom18,45 m2
Utility room3,40 m2
Hall5,14 m2
Bedroom10,54 m2