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We supply prefabricated construction parts for houses, block of flats and another projects.
We produce prefabricated panels in our own production facilities in Rýmařov using an
automatic productioline. The technical parameters of the construction parts can be found in
the downloadable catalog.

6 reasons to choose construction parts of RD Rýmařov

  • The perimeter walls of the wooden building have a thickness of only 297 mm while maintaining the same or better thermal insulation parameters. This way, you get 20% more floor space compared to a classic building.
  • Our panel system meets all domestic standards as well as the strict standards of EU countries. It has RAL, ETA, certificates.
  • The building system is energy-saving, it can boast superior thermal insulation properties.
  • The whole building system is very variable. It adapts to any project, whether it is a family house, blocks of flats or large development projects.
  • You have a 30-year warranty on the construction system of RD Rýmařov. The time results from the factually verified state of the load-bearing structure of our first houses. Of course, the lifespan of houses is much longer.
  • The building of the project takes is very quick thanks to the precise construction system.

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