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Do you find it difficult to believe that a high-quality family house can be built in less than one month? And at an affordable price? While being more than satisfied? It is possible with RD Rýmařov! We have been operating on the building market for more than 50 years; we have built more than 26,000 houses and our KUBIS 117 and BUNGALOV 83 V  timber houses are currently the best-selling houses in the Czech Republic. Our prefabricated turnkey timber houses are original products that will give you maximum comfort for the lowest possible price. Family houses for every family!

Why build a house with RD Rýmařov

  • We have been building timber houses for more than 50 years
  • We certify long durability with a 30-year warranty for the house construction
  • We use certified natural materials for a healthy home
  • We have built more than 26,000 family and apartment houses and implemented comprehensive development projects 
  • House construction with us gives you no worries. You can move into a new house in one month
  • Our timber houses have low operation and maintenance costs

The houses excel in terms of running costs, benefiting as they do from high-quality thermal insulation of the external walls and roof construction. External walls insulation can be improved by including an insulation stud cavity (60mm wide), which would further bolster the thermal protection of the house.

The low value of the heat transfer coefficient of the walls U=0.16 W/m2K ensures a comfortable temperature both on cold winter days and during the hot summer months. The high quality composition of the construction ensures low temperature losses of houses and therefore low heating costs.

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Houses from RD Rýmařov s. r. o. are classed as environmentally friendly both with respect to construction and operation and they are therefore in line with the current trend for sustainable development in the area of construction.

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