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RD Rýmařov, s. r. o. has been operating on the construction market for more than 50 years. An integral part of the company’s history is the industrial development of modern construction technologies based on wood prefabrication. We have built more than 26,000 buildings – not only family or apartment buildings, but also complete development projects.It all started with the know-how of the company OKAL based in west aty. Today we rely on our own many years of experience, which makes us a company with a healthy self-confidence and potential to successfully operate on the European construction market. RD Rýmařov s. r. o. places emphasis on using materials that are harmless to health. In all respects, our company meets all the national standards as well as the strict standards of the traditional EU countries.


RD Rymarov

RD Rýmařov emphasizes the health safety of the materials used. In all requirements, we meet domestic standards as well as the strict standards of traditional European Union countries. The company's management supports sustainable forest management and is committed to implement and maintain all the requirements of the customer chain of forest products within the PEFC in accordance with the document CFCS 2002:2011.

The fact that the company has been awarded the right to use the RAL quality label by the Federal Quality Community for Site Assembly and Prefabricated Houses also testifies to the high quality output of the company. RD Rýmařov s. r. o. has a quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001. It is also the first company in the Czech Republic to receive the ETA product certificate in accordance with ETAG 007. For our houses we received an energy certificate that places them into the category of low-energy houses. RD Rýmařov s. r. o. currently offers more than twenty standard projects plus their numerous varieties and various architectural accessories. Meeting individual customers’ requirements so that they purchase a house matching their ideas is a matter of course for us – every house therefore becomes a unique original. systematic workSystematic work on technical parameters, maximum precision of quality assurance and meticulous logistics enable us to build within days what others build within months.

Purposeful work

Our third millennium construction system links the traditional, naturally renewable material with state-of-the-art materials to produce a dry construction system. The parameters of this system meet all the current requirements for ecological construction in accordance with a sustainable way of life. All materials used are renewable and can be disposed of without creating any additional burden to the environment.By creating a so-called sandwich system, we can achieve high energy parameters without the need to enlarge the built-up area or at the expense of living areas. The simplicity of the design enables to reduce material consumption needed for the foundation of the construction, thereby reducing the cost of implementation. A high degree of organisation, especially in the early stages, means that the surroundings of the construction site are not heavily affected by construction works; the fast construction enables us to fulfil our motto “new home within a month”.

The panels are prefabricated on automated assembly lines enabling precision production which in turn means that the finishing work can be implemented in high quality. RD Rýmařov advantages: QUICK ATLIVERY - the house can be constructed within one month GUARANTEED PRICE - the final price is guaranteed and will not be increased by any additional work A UNIQUE LENGHT OF GUARANTEE - 30 years RD Rýmařov is: a member of the Wood for life Foundation a member of the civic association Moravskoslezský dřevařský klastr (Moravian - Silesian Wood Cluster)

Advantages of RD Rýmařov:

  • FAST DELIVERY - construction time one calendar month.
  • GUARANTEED PRICE - the final price is guaranteed without any extra work.
  • EXTREMELY LONG WARRANTY - 30 years on the structure of the house.

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