Upravit stránku

Construction speed

Even with the largest houses, the time of construction is one month at the longest. The time of construction is not affected by cold and freezing conditions.

Low price

The total price is for a completed house ready to move in. The lowest cost per m2 of floor space.

Price guarantee

The contractual price is final; there will be no additional costs and the basic price remains the same.

30-year guarantee on the construction

This period is derived from assessing the condition of the bearing structure of our first houses. Wood is a material with a very long life. In our mountains, you can see timber houses that are several hundred years old.

Construction system certification

Our construction system meets national standards as well as the strict standards of the traditional EU countries. All materials used meet the standards for health safety.

Tradition and experience

Forty years of experience and more than 22,000 projects stand no comparison within the Czech Republic and the whole European Union.

Low energy consuption

The houses are characterised by very high thermal insulation properties. All materials used in the walls are excellent insulators ensuring constant internal temperature. The house heats up much faster as you are not heating solid external walls, but basically just the internal space. The types of houses we offer vary from low consumption to passive houses.

Greater usable space

To achieve the same thermal insulation properties as our external walls, it would be necessary to use a traditional brick wall that would be several times thicker than usual. With our use of materials you can therefore gain up to an extra whole room in the house.

Wide range of standard projects

We can offer around 20 standard houses and numerous variations and architectural additions.

Variability and the possibility to adjust the project to your own

The project technical documentation is elaborated on the basis of your individual requirements. Every house therefore becomes a unique original.

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