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Construction of passive or zero energy standard buildings is becoming the trend which is supported even by European legislation. The research focuses on assessment and evaluation of a particular passive building (a passive house of the KUBIS 88 type produced by RD Rýmařov s. r. o.) from different perspectives (concentrating on thermal technology, and acoustic and energetic aspects). The newly constructed passive wooden house will become the subject of theoretical calculations and experimental measurements. Thermal technical properties of its building structures, energy consumption in various internal and external conditions, quality of the interior environment with forced ventilation and many other aspects will be monitored on a long-term basis.

The project is funded by the European Union within the “Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation” (OPEI), program “Training Centres”. The project promoter is the civic association MSDK – Moravian-Silesian Wood Cluster The construction is carried out by RD Rýmařov s. r. o.

the project will have three fundamental functions:

  1. Experimental building constructed for long-term monitoring,

  2. educational aid for students of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering,

  3. training centre used by MSDK.


Description of the Research and Innovation Centre

A two-storey basementless house with aisle roof with a roof pitch of 15 degrees. The construction design is a prefabricated house on the basis of light wood prefabrication. Nail, screw and bonded joints will be used for the whole building. Diffusion-open perimeter constructions of walls are used.


Long-Term Tests and Measurements Planned for the Building

1) Long-Term Tests and Measurements Planned for the Building

  • measurement of the heat transfer coefficient of the building envelope
  • measurement of surface temperatures
  • measurement of humidity
  • measurement of indoor air temperature
  • measurement of indoor environment parameters during forced ventilation

2) Measurement of Acoustic Properties of the Building Structures

  • measurement of airborne and impact sound insulation

3) Monitoring of Changes in Subsidence and Strain of the Foundation Slab and Subgrade Depending on Time and Load Changes

Note: Tests and measurements will be carried out both during the construction and operation of the building. The results of these long-term tests will be published in professional journals.


Total built-up area

  1. cca 96,92 m2

Floor area

  1. NP cca 75,00 m2
  2. NP cca 68,95 m2

Address of realization

Vysoká škola báňská
Technická univerzita Ostrava
Fakulta stavební
Ludvíka Podeště 1875/17
708 00 Ostrava – Poruba


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