SOLO 105

SOLO 105

This interestingly laid out family house offers a high standard of living. The square ground plan gives the house flexibility with respect to its geographical orientation. Its comfort is enhanced by the porch, which is a standard feature of this type.

drawings and ground plans

Pohled přední Pohled zadní Pohled boční - levý Pohled boční - pravý
front view rear view side view (left) side view (right)
Přízemí první patro
ground floor upper flor

Parametry do

Přízemí  Podkroví Celkem
Zádveří 3,24 m2 Corridor9,46 m2 Built - up area114,42 m2
Hall5,28 m2 Bathroom12,32 m2 Ground floor  space97,57 m2
W2,91 m2 Bedroom13,09 m2 Upper floor space70,75 m2
Kitchen12,77 m2 Bedroom12,18 m2 Roof pitch38°
Living room25,65 m2 Bedroom21,94 m2
Bedroom18,45 m2
Utility room3,40 m2
Hall5,14 m2
Bedroom10,54 m2

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