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The floor plan of the family house BUNGALOV 105 has the shape of the letter L. This makes it very practical for building a terrace, oriented to a quieter part of the garden. Another advantage of this shape is the possibility of expansion on both sides and full use of sunlight, which is a good prerequisite for the low energy demand of the entire BUNGALOW 105 house.

The family house BUNGALOV 105 will please you not only with its built-up area of 104.84 m2, but also with its practical arrangement of rooms. A sufficiently spacious living room, connected to the kitchen and dining area, provides direct access to the terrace and at the same time is separated from the quiet zone of the house - rooms and bedrooms. There is also a relatively large bathroom, which allows for the placement of both a bathtub and a shower.

Is it your dream house?

Look at the floor plans of BUNGALOV 105

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