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The traditional rectangular shape of Bungalov 106 with a floor area of 125,52 m2 encourages a practical division of layouts. In one half of the house there is a social space for the whole family, which is connected to the garden, and technical facilities. The other half of the house then serves as a quiet part, where there are rooms for children and bedrooms.

From the outside, you will be impressed by the modern roof without overhangs, which underlines the clean, simple lines of the entire house. An even greater connection with nature will be ensured by the wooden facade and large windows, which will illuminate the entire interior and allow you a peaceful view of the garden. The attractive design of the house is complemented by a terrace or pergola, which can also be used as a garage.

The construction technology, the equipment of the house and the project of Bungalov 106 itself ensure its economical operation all year round.

Is it your dream house?

Look at the floor plans of Bungalow 106

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