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This house is an enlarged version and an alternative to the basic DIMENZE solution which places great emphasis on comfort. The elegant usage of skylights plays a significant role here. The whole building has an amazing light and open feel with the two floors seemingly merging together. The arcade on the upper floor offers a view down onto the living space on the ground floor.

Ground floor - floor area 87,96  m2
Attic - floor area 78,04  m2
Built up area 105,97  m2
House dimensions 12,84 x 7,71  m
Roof slope 45  °

Look at the floor plans DIMENZE 96

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor 
Vestibule2,78 m2
Bathroom, toilet5,28 m2
Kitchen11,86 m2
Livingroom14,07 m2
Bedroom13,55 m2
Hall, dining room21,52 m2
Corridor3,16 m2
Utility room2,92 m2
Upper floor
Gallery, staircase13,62 m2
Bathroom, toilet9,57 m2
Bedroom 113,81 m2
Bedroom 2 13,68 m2
Bedroom 3 13,81 m2
Cloack room2,87 m2