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RD Rýmařov launches a new standard line of family detached houses whose main feature is the flat roof. This is the third house from the new standard line called ROHE. It is a two-storey family detached house with 5 bedrooms (5+1) and a garage. This house is based on the concept of the best-selling house produced by RD Rýmařov – NOVA 101. It is supplied with recessed balcony, wood panelling and a roof above the entrance. The house is flexible with respect to its geographical orientation.

Ground floor - floor area 66,14  m2
Attic - floor area 60,99  m2
Built up area 102,94  m2
Roof slope 0  °
House dimensions 7,14 x 11,91  m

Look at the floor plans ROHE 101

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor


Ground floor  
Vestibule3,27 m2
Toilet2,34 m2
Kitchen7,02 m2
Living room25,47 m2
Office8,20 m2
Corridor, staircase2,84 m2
Bathroom, toilet5,71 m2
Bedroom19,82 m2
Cloakroom4,92 m2
Bedroom13,71 m2