Upravit stránku

Thanks to the simple rectangular floor plan of 11.14 x 7.81 m, you can place this house on any shape of land. Simplicity is also maintained by the gable roof with classic skylights without dormers or bay windows. The compact shape of the house also has a positive effect on its energy efficiency. The house can be supplemented with a practical parking space for a car or a terrace. A big advantage of this house is the possibility to conveniently expand it with a residential attic.

What does modern living look like? It is spacious, airy, with enough light. It forms the perfect background for family and social life. The ground floor is illuminated by large windows that lead directly to the terrace and thus connect your home with the garden. The attic with an area of 47 m2 offers cozy, quiet rooms where every member of the household can find a moment for themselves.

Is it your dream house?

Look at the floor plans KLASIK 117

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