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The KLASIK 165 offers generous interior space with a large built-up area. This house provides comfortable living even for a larger family. It has a square floor plan, so it is universal to be placed on the plot with respect to the cardinal points. From the street view, the main entrance is covered by a veranda, the garden is connected to the living room by a large french window. The family house KLASIK 165 can be supplemented with other architectural elements, such as a balcony, bay window or garage according to the customer's wishes.

The built-up area of the house KLASIK 165 is 116.4 m2, so it is more suitable to place it on a larger plot and thus fully utilize the possibility of connection with the garden in the living part of the house. On the ground floor, in addition to the social area and accessories, there are also two spacious rooms that can be used as a bedroom or study. In the attic you have enough privacy in three rooms, there is also a large bathroom and hall.

Is it your dream house?

Look at the floor plans KLASIK 165

ground floor
ground floor
upper floor
upper floor
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