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Why to build turnkey house with RD Rýmařov?


Construction is finished within 1month

Maximum duration of construction - even for largest house - is 1 month. Neither cold nor frost will stop us! 


60 kW/h guaranteed for every house

We dont want to confuse you, 60 kW/h for a square meter is a value which is a necessary maximum for heating or our houses.


Selection from 11 series of houses

All series offer a great amount of houses, design variants and architectonic supplements.


100% guaranteed price

The contract price is always finite, there are no additional costs and constructions cost overruns.


30-year warranty of the construction system

Wood is a material with a long life, which is evidenced by timbered buildings in our mountains which can be several hundered years old.


We build 500 houses a year

We are one of the largest supplier of houses in Central Europe


45 years of company history

Such a long history has no comparison in the Czech Republic or in the European Union.

22 000

We have built over 22 000 houses

This considerable amount shows that e are one of the largest suppliers of houses in Europe.

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